Sun, surf and party capital

Miami, with all its beaches, sun and nightlife, is a popular as a destination for students. There’s a lot more to it than TV shows about murder and life savers in skimpy bikinis. Miami is a city with urban glamour. The skyscrapers reflect the sunny blue skies and the blood red sunsets.

The city boast a famous cruise port, gorgeous beaches, no shortage of beautiful people and a vibrant night life—just some of the reasons people flock to Miami. Like any great city, there’s a lot happening below the surface—food, art, sport and entertainment—there’s always something to do. But be warned it can be expensive.

Rennert Miami Language School

Rennert Miami Language School is in South Beach , a hub for restaurants, shops, bars, and more. The beach is a 10-minute walk from school. Rennert Miami Language School has modern classrooms and a large terrace for student events. Rennert Miami Language School’s offers a wide range of classes and activities ensuring that all students get into the Miami swing. The school offers most classic English programmes, including the Cambridge exams, as well as some excellent English plus courses, such as English plus Ballet, kick–boxing, yoga and surfing.


  • Southern Florida
  • South Beach—minutes from the beach
  • Close to shops, bars, and restaurants


  • Apartments: Single or double rooms in studio-style or shared apartments, about 15 minutes from the school by foot.
  • Homestay: About an hour away from the school via public bus, in South Beach.
  • Hostels: Four or eight-person suites, about 15 minutes from the school by bus.


  • American General English
  • Business English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • TOEFL preparation
  • IELTS preparation
  • Cambridge preparation (CAE, FCE)
  • Work experience internship programmes
  • English + Salsa Dancing
  • English + Ballet
  • English + Yoga
  • English + Kickboxing/Bootcamp
  • English + Paddle-boarding
  • English + Surfing
  • English + Scuba Diving
  • Professional executive English
  • Family programmes
  • Private lessons


  • Max class size: 12 students 5 for professional courses
  • Average class size: 10 students
  • School capacity: 300 students
  • Average age: 29
  • Minimum Age: 16+ for General English, 26+ for Professional English
  • Large terrace for student activities
  • Executive lounge for professional students


Rennert offers two work placement programs, one for students traveling with a Student Visa and one for students traveling without. Both programs can be started any Monday.


Daily activities, most of which are free or come at a reduced price.

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Yoga on the Beach
  • Everglades tours
  • Shopping/Walking Tours
  • Weekend tours include:
    • Trips to Orlando
    • Day cruises to Key West

The Language House likes

Rennert Miami offer a wide range of activities which will allow you to get out and discover the Miami way of life. Get ready for lots of time on the beach and lots of shopping and partying. Go and have a game of beach volleyball.

Rennert Miami Language School