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Gap–Year Programmes

This a long-term study programme—six months or longer. You can combine different courses, such as General English, Business English, Academic English and one or two exam preparations, and work and travel depending on visa regulations.

At the end of this course you will be ready to work or study in English. No problem!

We will sit down with you and help you design an academic plan that meets your future objectives.

Here’s an example of a plan we organized for a student in Australia.

  1. 6 weeks General English
  2. 12 weeks Cambridge FCE exam
  3. 4-week travel in Australia (travelled up the east coast with two friends)
  4. 6 weeks Academic English
  5. 8 weeks IELTS exam (for university entry)
  6. 4-week travel in Australia. After her studies, she travelled around the centre of Australia for four weeks with other students from her school before returning home to Switzerland

It includes 32 weeks of study over a period of 40 weeks in six stages.

The student began with a B1 level (low intermediate) and finished with a strong C1 level (advanced).

She completed a Cambridge exam and finished with an international exam to enter a university and study in English.

During her studies, she worked as a demi-pair (part-time au-pair) for the 16 weeks and then as her English improved she then got a part-time job in a café. Her gap year included two trips in Australia (both 4 weeks).

We’re here to help you choose

If you are planning a gap year, we will help you find the right courses. Call us with your questions.
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