English for University
We will help you get the English level you need to get into university
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English for University

More and more of our students are preparing to study in English in universities in cities such as London, Sydney, Boston, Vancouver, Dublin and Auckland.

English is the first and fundamental key to an international academic course.

Most of our schools offer Academic English courses. The objective is to build your Academic English skills and get you into the university of your choice.

Courses develop the following skills:

  • Academic reading and writing
  • Vocabulary extension
  • Text analysis
  • Report and essay writing
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Grammar for study of academic materials
  • Research project work
  • Seminar/ presentation delivery
  • IELTS test preparation skills

Almost all universities ask for the IELTS academic test. It measures your level of Academic English on a scale up to 9. Most undergraduate courses require a score of 6.5. If you are studying your Masters or a Doctorate you may need a 7.0 or 7.5.

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At The Language House, we will test you before you leave and develop an academic plan which clearly shows how many weeks of English lessons you will need before you reach your IELTS objective.

It’s absolutely important that you are confident in Academic English before you start a challenging university course in another country.